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Thank you for joining as an affiliate ; helping to spread the word about the Wellness Club and earn some money, rewards, vouchers and access at the same time. We want you to earn and be a part of this community – so please get involved, get in contact and get creative!

All our of members get an introduction page similar to this; it has things about their membership level that are relevant – as you have here!

Our members have a Getting Started room [CLICK HERE] where they can learn more about the club, a noticeboard and then full access to the reception area.

Relevant messages will be emailed and put on your Notice Board, look out for any events, notices or new features, or go straight to the Wellness Area of your choice to do a feature on it or see if you can find a good image/lifestyle angle to promote.

Finally – if you haven’t yet registered as an affiliate, please GO HERE – that will then take care of the commission, your affiliate link and resources. This area is the affiliate club access only for you to use and share about.

Notice Board

  • Welcome to our Personal Private Membership Club. As an affiliate, you can also give us feedback as to what treatments, coaching or features you will like to see. Please click here and tell us what features you signed up for, what works or new feature suggestions. Get a £20 voucher as a thank-you.
  • Affiliates gain free access as long as they are currently working with us; you are free to join in and attend events, look at workshops or go through some training. Super affiliates also get to go through the £1200 training courses with bespoke coaching!
  • Keep the email address in your safe sender list so you can be notified of any new material you may want to use to support your marketing or new features you may want to try and socially share.
  • If you haven’t joined our social group, CLICK HERE, introduce yourself and join in the debate. It’s a private group so only members are allowed, creating a ‘safer’ place to share.
  • ALL new members can gain access to a FREE starter plan that introduces themselves to an overview of the relaxation exercises, in our Getting Started room HERE.

All Members & Guests – Bonus Areas

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Wellness Within Club Engagement Room

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Planning, Journeys & Goals


Games, Challenges & Rewards


Our members can join in on a free monthly seminar with guest speakers, coaches, training and insights! You can participate, learn and engage! You can join a monthly workshop where you will getting more personal ‘coaching’ and ‘training’ with an expert in a smaller setting. A variety of workshops for the main 4 areas of Mindfulness, Health (Fitness/Nutrition), Radiance (Beauty, Confidence) and Future You (Planning, Goals and Dreams). Members get a discount on the workshops.

Gold members who get access to all workshops for free, can access coaching advice and gain access to some of the more in-depth rooms where experts give more time and training to those who want to throw themselves more fully into developing a Wellness Within lifestyle.

Home of the 7 Day Mindfulness Challenge

All new members who try the challenge can get extra days free access to complete the challenge. Try a range of challenging, effective and engaging exercises over 7 days and see what difference it will make to your Mindfulness.